Our Story

A bit on how it all started.

My first exploratory trip to Costa Rica was with my friends Marsha and Rob back in the year 2000. We landed in San Jose without any plan other than hitting the road to explore and photograph the country. Those images were not my best. I was shooting in a whole new battlefield with gray skies, misty rain and backlit subjects, yet the little I gathered was enough to make me come back. It wasn’t until 2005 that I was able to go back, this time with a group of brave souls that trusted me on taking them on a wild ride of Costa Rica. Among them my long-time friend and photography student Luis Loperena from Puerto Rico and several new friends from Florida. This trip marked the beginning of a series of yearly trips to Costa Rica and the expansion to new destinations including Panama, Galapagos and Ecuador. In 2007, two of my college professors and some of their students joined me on another great adventure through some of the roughest terrain and mosquito laden wetlands in search of amphibians, reptiles and everything else we could aim our cameras at. Those were the early years and the foundation to many other photographic adventures.

Today, nearly 20 years later, places like Costa Rica and Galapagos continue to provide us with unlimited photographic possibilities and the opportunity to cultivate long lasting friendships or as my wife will say, our “adopted families”. For years, we have been able to not only learn about different cultures, but also to share that knowledge with those that travel with us. We want them to experience, not just the wildlife, but the food, and the people that make these countries so unique. This process not only enriches our knowledge, it helps us become better citizens of the world. I hope one day you can also join any of our adventures in the meantime I leave you with some pictures that better tells the story of how we run our trips.





Reinier Munguia