Wildstock Photography is a family owned business with over 12 years of experience leading nature and travel photography workshops through the United States, Central and South America. We provide our clients with unique opportunities to learn photography & natural history while experiencing the cultural richness of their destination. Our customized tours offer enough flexibility to satisfy every participant’s goals and ensure enough one-on-one time with instructors.

Our goals is to provide our clients with excellent opportunities to capture awe-inspiring shots of birds, mammals, insects, landscapes while experiencing the culture and flavors of the countries we visit. Every tour is a journey, an adventure with a family-style atmosphere that participants will remember forever. Perhaps this is the reason most of our customers have joined out tours multiple times. 

We have a great appreciation for our clients as they become our travel mates and longtime friends. Throughout this website you may see some of them. If you want learn more about how everything started follow the link below.