Costa Rica – Day 3

Another morning full of adventures awaits you. First we would leave early before breakfast to visit a local farm where Alvaro Otoya directs a macaw breeding program. Here you would meet many macaws and few other bird species and even Water Buffaloes.  Water Buffaloes are bred in Central America for milk and to work the fields.  Unfortunately, in this location two species of macaws have overlapped, and some have decided to breed, producing hybrids. These birds fly free around the farm, allowing you some great opportunities to capture them in flight, and if you would be brave enough, you may want to test your luck taking a selfie with a macaw. From here, we would get back to the lodge to have breakfast and depart to our next destination close to the border with Nicaragua. This location will be the most remote of all, with no phone coverage, internet or any of the electronic commodities. For sure, you’ll experience the jungle in a whole new level. Storms here can be fierce and entertaining and the wildlife couldn’t be any wilder. Expect close encounters with toucans, curassows, colorful vultures and plenty of parrots to wake you up in the morning. Welcome to a jungle paradise.