Costa Rica – Day 2

On this day you would have been awaken by the loud calls of the Howler Monkeys and the constant songs of birds that decided it was time to move at 5:00 am.  A walk through the gardens would have provided you with great opportunities to see some species you won’t see later in the day. Some frustrated insects may be looking for places to spend the day and hide from the local birds which waste no time to pick them up for breakfast.  In the distance, you would be able to hear the squawking sounds of Amazon parrots only to be diminished by the ear piercing calls of Scarlet or Great Green Macaws. Before breakfast, we would have made a quick trip to one of the nearby roads to look for early birds and monkeys. After that we would return to the lodge to have breakfast and depart to Cataratas del Toro to see this amazing waterfall and shoot some high- speed hummingbirds. This place is like no other place in Costa Rica in the fact that you can basically take three steps from the open restaurant and be on the edge of a cliff with a waterfall pouring water from 270 feet straight down into an extinct volcano. For the adventurous in the group, I would have suggested to go down to the waterfall. It offers a unique view and a sensation of being in the Jurassic Park intro. The fauna and flora here are exuberant, pre-historic and worth photographing. With at least 12 species of hummingbirds, it would have  been fairly easy to come out with hundreds of pictures. There are three species here that will be harder to find anywhere else: the Black-bellied, the Green-thorntail and the Coppery-headed Hummingbirds.  I leave you with some pictures of this location.