Costa Rica 2024

Capture Colorful Birds
There's no lack of colors in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. Capture macaws, toucans and tanagers as they forage on nearby trees. Get close and personal with King Vultures and caracaras.
Freeze Action
Learn how to capture hummingbirds in flight using a multi-flash setup.
Immerse Yourself in a Macro World
Learn how to master macrophotography in the field shooting a variety of tiny subjects including leaf-cutter ants, butterflies and grasshoppers.
Unforgettable Landscapes
From tropical to cloud forests, Costa Rica offer the landscape photographer countless of opportunities to create amazing images.


Costa Rica is a  nature photographer’s paradise.  No other destination offers as much biodiversity to photograph in such a small geographical area. This trip takes you through several ecological regions including, lowland tropical forests, mountain rainforest, cloud forest, mangrove forest and paramo among others.  here you’ll have a change to practice your photographic skills shooting tiny poison dart frogs, snakes, monkeys, sloths and endless species of birds. Boosting more than 900 species of birds, Costa Rica provides you endless opportunities to capture our feathered friends. Some sought out species include macaws, toucans. aracaris, tanagers, kingfishers, raptors and a variety of waterbirds. All of these, combined with great people and tasty food, make this Central American  destination, one of our favorites.


June 2 - June 16, 2024





Lodging & Food



  •  Shoot a variety of amphibians, insects and reptiles. 

  • Try your skills at birds in flight, and at beautifully set perches at feeding stations.

  • Capture some unique birds like the King Vulture and the Resplendent Quetzal

  • Photograph  beautiful landscapes including volcanoes, rivers, shorelines and waterfalls.

  • Take a river tour in search of birds and crocodiles.

  • Freeze hummingbirds in flight using a hi-speed multi-flash setup.

  • Explore the tropical jungle in search of howler, squirrel, capuchin monkeys and sloths.


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Wildstock  Photographer’s Guides

Below you’ll find our publications on how to shoot hummingbirds and amphibians. These guides are designed to prepare you in advanced to what you will be learning in the field.


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